TS ECO Cleaner

CLEANS:Vegetables, Medicinal and aromatic plants
WHERE:Glasshouse or on the Field
SECTOR:Fourth Range

Machine for cleaning from foreign bodies

A fully electric cleaning machine that cleans the harvested crop of foreign bodies such as insects, dicotyledons, excessively small leaves, stones or soil.

Zero environmental impact

Latest generation electric motor, non-polluting and 100% respectful of your organic produce.

Unloading screw conveyor

The gently sifted product is discharged via screw conveyor so that no waste remains on the machine bed.

Dual use

Can be installed directly on the harvester or used in the factory.

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Work width

Work width
120÷200 cm

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200 kg

The TS ECO Cleaner is suitable for cleaning foreign bodies from various types of vegetables and herbs such as: Valerian, Basil, Nettle, Salad, Parsley, Sage, Spinach.

The collected product falls on a moving stainless steel net. A shaking shaft shakes the product, cleaning the leaves without them becoming damaged.

Built entirely in stainless steel and can be mounted both on the machine platform and at the end of the line.
The belt and shaking shaft speeds can be adjusted by the user. The scrap product is expelled by means of a screw conveyor.

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Request information or a free consultation.
We will get back to you as quickly as possible. Usually within 2 hours.

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