RS 48

HP 50
With wheels
WHERE:Glasshouse or on the Field
SECTOR:Fourth Range
CONTAINERS:Rear lifting dump

Compact machine for trimming and sucking up leaves and residues

Trimmer / Suction unit which allows the total ground cleaning from foliage or debris following harvesting. Very compact model ideal for use in arched glasshouses but can also be used on the field.

High-durability blade

Mowing bar equipped with a ribbon blade with adjustable work speed. Cutting is precise for perfect levelling of your horticulture.

Maximum suction with reduced consumption

The strong suction ensures total ground cleaning while keeping consumption low.

Dual filter cleaning system

Filter is always clean for top suction thanks to a dual system: air and brush system for removing wet leaves.

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Work width

Work width
100-180 cm

icone caratteristiche elevabile

Dump lifting height
2 m


Work speed
0-15 km/h

Endothermic engine

Yanmar 3 cylinder 50HP




1700 kg

The RS 48 trimmer / suction unit is particularly suitable for processing vegetables such as: Salad, Spinach, Rocket and similar leaf produce.

Thanks to precise cutting, height-adjusted by an automatic sensor system, and powerful suction that leaves no residue, your produce will be perfectly levelled and ready for optimum regrowth.


The main features of the RS 48 trimmer / suction unit

Fitted with hydrostatic drive with four driving wheels that is electronically controlled by a joystick with adjustable work speed and a stop and pre-set speed automatic resumption device; during picking up, the machine can move forward autonomously thanks to an automatic driving system.

Mowing bar

The mowing bar is fitted with a highly durable ribbon blade and self-centring pulleys; available in several versions to be able to meet the different picking up needs. The cutting height adjustment is controlled by electronic sensors that guarantee perfect and total work height control without damaging or mistreating the crops and the ground.

Suction system

The innovative suction fan guarantees huge sucking power, thanks to which the product that is already in bloom and, therefore, no longer suitable to be packaged can be cut and picked up in one single pass.
Thanks to the great technical knowledge acquired over more than 60 years, it has been possible to reach and overcome the hard challenge of obtaining huge sucking power while also keeping consumption at low levels; the trimmer reaches maximum power at 1500 rpm guaranteeing absurdly low consumption that had never been obtained before by anyone for this type of machinery. The suction device and the bin have been manufactured with materials that comply with the different standards in force for foodstuffs.

Loading bin

The loading bin can be lifted up to 2.00 m.


  • Work headlamps
  • Side blades kit
  • Shady roof
  • Antioxidant liquid system
  • Enlarged ground light
  • Large wheels
  • Raised bin kit
  • Customised colour


The machine is equipped with a multi-function dashboard to control all the movements and functions.

Service guaranteed over time
We follow our machines all over the world!

In addition to the peace of mind provided by robustness, we provide technical and operational service both to prolong efficiency and to adapt the machines to new harvests.

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Request information or a free consultation.
We will get back to you as quickly as possible. Usually within 2 hours.

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