Agricoltura 4.0

Agriculture 4.0 is the evolution of the concept of “precision agriculture” which is used to define targeted and efficient interventions in the agricultural field starting from data such as, for example, the physical and biochemical characteristics of the soil. In fact, it is the whole set of tools and strategies that allow the farm to use advanced technologies in a synergic and interconnected way with the aim of making production more efficient and sustainable.

The main field of application of agriculture 4.0 is that of traceability of the supply chain. During each step, from the field to the packaging, it is possible to collect useful data to keep every step of the production process under control.

Little margin of error, therefore, allows you to create a short chain capable of producing food of the highest quality and in an environmentally sustainable way.

The advantages include savings in economic and environmental terms, but also higher quality production. A quality that also responds to health benefits. The products included in a high-tech supply chain keep their properties intact and are therefore healthier. Furthermore, from a quantitative point of view, the savings on production inputs are 30% with an increase in productivity of 20%, all obtaining products without any residual of chemical substances.

This particular application allows to take into account, therefore, various important data for the harvest (and not only) such as: hourly production, area covered / uncovered by the harvest, actual consumption of the machine, physical position of the machine.
All this easily managed by a special program installed on a computer that helps keep a history of the improvements over time, or considerations for subsequent changes in the production systems.